Thinking back upon my former school days, math was not a very strong subject for me. I always had trouble understanding the content and figuring out the problems. Math is an area where the answer is either right or wrong, it is very rare that you can get marks for trying. I always felt left out or not smart enough because I could get the method on how to do the questions but I almost always ended up with the wrong answer. I never got marks for showing my work or showing the steps I took to get to my answer. That always disappointed me because it showed that I understand the idea I just couldn’t get the right exact answer. I felt left out in a way because I never got the help I needed and the teacher went a teaching pace I could not follow. To this day math is still not my strong suit, but I have learned to adjust to that. 

Reading “Teaching Mathematics and The Inuit Community”, opened my eyes and enlightened me that math is not the same for everyone. It surprised me in a big way because I always assumed everybody around the world learned the same content. One way that the Inuit challenge Eurocentric ideas is by how they measure with space and distance. The second way is the language barrier, for the Inuits, it is difficult to understand our word problems are explanations. Another way they challenge Eurocentric ideas is how they track time. The Inuit track time on the natural independently of recurring yearly events. Learning that there is different mathematics worldwide was a shock to me, and I am glad I got to learn more about it. 

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